A two-seat aircraft that’s comfortable and roomy with incredible visibility!

Why Fly a Skycatcher and with us?

Aviators don’t have much choice of airplanes to rent in Prescott…until now!

·      Fuel conserving Continental O-200 engine that puts out 100 HP yet only burns 3.5 to 4 gallons per hour

·      Modern avionics that aren’t overly complicated – Garmin’s simply and easy to use G300 PFD/MFD system

·      Light and responsive compared to heavy and touchy handling characteristics that plague the newer heavier Skyhawks

·      Easy online scheduling – once you click “schedule”, you have your airplane booked! No waiting for someone to “dispatch” the airplane

Leighnor Aircraft LLC

About Us

Flying in Prescott Arizona doesn’t have to be expensive or done in heavy aircraft that aren’t fun to fly! For those aviators and aviators to be that want to put the “sport” back into sport flying at a reasonable cost, contact us and see how the sporty Cessna Skycatcher can rock your aviation world!

Contact Us

Phone: 913.486.7245
Email: lance@leighnor.com
Web: leighnoraircraft.com

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Leighnor Aircraft LLC

13195 N Iron Hawk Dr
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Leighnor Aircraft LLC

Bringing “sport” back into sport flying!

Responsive. Light. Fun. And better yet? Inexpensive to operate!

Has Sport Aviation Lost the “Sport”?

No…it hasn’t

Light sport aviation comes to Prescott Arizona with the C-162 Skycatcher. This aircraft features Cessna’s innovative Stoke control system, which features the easy and comfort of a control wheel, yet has the feel and movement of a stick!

Modern Avionics Are Simple!

Featuring dual MFDs that display flight, engine and navigation information that puts critical information right in front of the pilot in easy to read formats.

“Prescott is a high elevation airport that requires aircraft that perform…”

It’s High and Hot in Prescott!

Examine the numbers from the Pilot’s Operating Manuals for the C-162 versus the C-172.

This is a distance over a 50’ obstacle comparison chart. The red line is the 172, the blue line the 162. The chart shows the 172 will take more distance to clear the same obstacle at the same air temperature.

Modern avionics and the sporty stoke controls make the Skycatcher easy and fun to fly!

Leighnor Aircraft LLC offers the modern Cessna Skycatcher for rent to pilots and student pilots interested in putting the “sport” back into sport aviation.

The Skycatcher is a light sport aircraft featuring a 100 HP O-200 Continental aircraft engine that delivers performance in a light weight airframe.

Our Airplane

Cessna C-162 Skycatcher, equipped with a Continental O-200 aircraft engine, second MFD and intercom system.

This aircraft is rented by the hour wet (meaning fuel included) and is scheduled using a state of the art web application so pilots always know when their aircraft is available for rent.