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St. Lucia Information

On this page are links to web sites we found helpful in researching our St. Lucia trip. Due to the passport snafu, we had quite a bit more time to research the island and what was available to do in St. Lucia. One of things that made our trip such a good time is that we were informed before we got there and we recommend anyone viewing this site to do the research ahead of time. You'll be glad you did.

Great Escape Travel Great Escape Travel - the Sandal's representative in Kansas City and who we booked through
Sandals St. Lucia Page This page is the main Sandals page for all resorts in St. Lucia
St. Lucia Carnival Unless you intentionally want to go, avoiding the carnival will mean better traffic
St. Lucia Jazz Festival Ditto the Jazz Festival - unless you're going for the music
Cosol Tours A private tour company
Frommer's Guides Lots of condensed useful information here
Travel & Tour More St. Lucia information Some good guides on year-round activities
Joe Knows St. Lucia Another private tour company - heard good comments about him from other couples
ChanTours A very up-scale tour company that even offers private yacht tours
This is London A good article on St. Lucia St. Lucia Family Travel Guide
St. Lucia Guide A good guide on St. Lucia
St. Lucia Helicopters If you want a helicopter tour or transfer to/from the airport
iExplorer St. Lucia Guide St. Lucia Guide from iExplore
Trip Advisor UK A good St. Lucia Guide and Review
St. Lucia Now This site has a great eBook - sign up for it!
Sunlink Tours A private tour company - we wanted to go on the "Black Pearl", but it was down for repairs.
Expedia St. Lucia Information from Expedia on St. Lucia
Trip Advisor US More information from Trip Advisor - having two is to read different reviews
10 Best Advice from
St. Lucia Tourist Board Lots of great information here! A very concise listing of things to do on St. Lucia.

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Trip Date: July 20 - 29, 2010